Saturday, 21 June 2014

Write What You Know Part 3

The game is up. I drive a Prius. Yes, you can laugh all you want, but who wins at the fuel pump? (Haha!)
If you've read the book, you'd know that there are 2 Prii (yes, that is the plural) used in the book. Originally, this was simply because I thought they were interesting, unique cars, and they gave Mitch something to bounce off in terms of character development. However, in the original draft, something was off-in 2011/12, and until September 2013, I had never stepped inside a Prius, let a lone driven one.
So, the first draft was still happening when we bought the car (the first draft wasn't done until November 2013), and I'd forgotten (consciously at least) that I had written about a Prius. But for some reason, I wanted to buy one (how cool-I am such a nerd). And, during the second draft...
Yikes. I did not know how a Prius drove (for one thing, I made a comment about how loud the engine was... what was I thinking?) or how they worked! So some sections needed extensive reworking to make them a little more realistic! But now at least it's accurate.
All that was an accident. But it just shows, that sometimes, writing what you know can stop embarrassing illogical moments in your story, even if people accuse you of  being 'afraid' of trying something different.
Do you write from experience?
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