Friday, 28 March 2014

Printed Supplies + Library V2!

Today the printed materials all arrived-so that's bookmarks, business cards, postcards (who sends book postcards?!?!) and the posters! I must say, that's when it really starts to sink in. And, in case you missed it (which you probably did), here's a link to the my first radio interview (I was speaking a bit fast-nerves I guess) if you wanted to know more.
Anyway, today I handed a copy to the school librarian-she was super excite,d and promised to read it over the weekend! I never thought people would get this excited... you never know what it's like unless it happens to you.
Also, this weekend there should be a video going up on YouTube which will have more details, and also another chance to win a free copy of the book (both paperback and kindle) so stay tuned...

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